i have create business email in my cpanel but not work

you add business email like info@mysite.com

but it not work

hosting server provider is provide email services so that your domain and hosting different services provider then you need to add some records in domain account

your domain and hosting server same services provider then it add automatic MX records

I am assume you have create your business email

step 1 : login your account  domain register account

step 2 : then goto manage domain setting there different type of dns record you need to add MX (mail exchange ) record


you using google business email so that you add google MX record

all service provider provide the MX or all type of record info in user guide or FAQ page



i have add subdomain but it not work how to solve it

first you need to access your register domain account

domain name records called (DNS record ) show one main domain with add DNS A record

all domain or subdomain  required to point with host

A record point to your hosting server

step 1 : create sub domain in hosting cpanel

step 2 : goto your domain register account

step 3 : goto DNS zone file

showing example is godaddy cpanel



your host name is subdomain name

Host -> subdomain name

Point to -> server ip

TTL use default or custom